I’m Nici Burns, a wife, mother, grandmother and the Founder of Ageless Glow.
For years I worked within media and many other industries, trying to find a career path I loved and believed in, whilst dealing with many health struggles along the way. However, I can now say that at 48 I feel the best I have ever felt, completely confident in my own skin without any surgery or beauty enhancement procedures, and quite honestly the path I finally chose was the right one for me. 
So if you are wondering what drove me set up Ageless Glow, here you go… At the age of 35 I was diagnosed with Lupus and from that point I realised that I needed to do all I possibly could to make myself feel both mentally and physically stronger as I did not want this disease to take over my life. 
I began researching self healing using the Earth’s most precious and natural remedies. This in turn led me to study and understand how we can slow down the signs of ageing through alternative therapies,
the correct nutrition and lifestyle factors.

After years of perfecting and analysing the results and benefits to my own skin, Ageless Glow was created. All of my products are 100% natural and are a unique blend of botanical oils and essential oils proven to slow down the ageing process. All of my products will protect and moisturise your skin, leaving it with a beautiful natural glow.

Each and every product is hand made with love and passion in the hope of enhancing your daily skin care routine. My aim is to set you up for your day to day life with a spring in your step and a glow on your face.

Be Beautiful!

I think your serum is brilliant, my skin looks and feels so much better. I love it!