Essential oils are used to aid relaxation to lift or calm your emotions and to help the body balance itself creating a great sense of well-being. A light flowing massage that rejuvenates and refreshes the mind and body and stimulates the body's natural immune system. It helps with many symptoms such as digestive, menstrual, flu or cold symptoms.


Full Body 60 mins UP TO £45.00

Back/Neck/Shoulders 30 mins £25.00

Child's Full Body 40 mins £25.00

Child's Back/Neck/Shoulders 20 mins £20.00

Target Red Light Therapy is available for an additional fee of £10.00



• Rejuvenates, balances and refreshes the mind and body, instantly.

• Induces a feeling of deep relaxation in the body.

• Stimulates the body's natural immune system and enhances lymphatic drainage.

• Increases oxygen and nutrient supply to the tissues.

• Promotes a general state of well-being.

• Helps to lift the mood and reduce the feeling of stress and depression.

• Helps with acute and chronic Conditions

This skin serum is a bottle of magic